Celebration of Summer Event

AGA owners throughout the UK have traditionally faced a dilemma during the summer months. The question has always been whether or not to turn off their AGA, the centrepiece of their kitchen, to avoid overheating and high fuel bills. This meant that AGAs would typically remain switched off from May until mid-September, with alternative cooking methods like air fryers and induction rings being used instead.

However, with the introduction of the ER3 and ER7 Series AGAs this situation has now changed. Offering quick heat-up times from a cold start, resulting in significant cost savings, these models allow for a more manageable temperature in the kitchen. Despite the advancements, the AGAs still retain their beautiful radiant cast iron cooking and can provide gentle warmth in the winter months.

This means that AGA owners can now use their appliances throughout the summer without worrying about expenses or excessive heat. They can enjoy preparing a variety of delightful summer dishes, including Hot Zesty Salads, Tacos, Light Mains, and Summer Fruit Desserts.


To celebrate this new era, we will be hosting a Celebration of Summer event on June 10th. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the ER3 and ER7 models in action, with special offers available for those interested in purchasing AGAs. In addition, we'll have discounted AGA and Le Creuset Cookware on offer, and you'll have the opportunity to explore our impressive range of outdoor cooking products from Gozney and Big Green Egg (weather permitting in the Highland Summer!) as well as outdoor heating with RB73, and a vast array of firepits


For traditional woodfired pizzas, nothing beats Gozney. With their award winning Dome pizza oven, as well as the Roccbox, the first portable pizza oven to be developed. Offering dual fuel cooking capabilities, for both wood and gas fired cooking, Gozneys offer a fantastic outdoor cooking experience for pizza and so much more!

When it comes to outdoor cooking, any celebration would be incomplete without a Big Green Egg! With its customisability and plethora of cooking surfaces, there isn't much you cant do on an Egg! So whether you're cooking up a traditional barbeque with your bangers and burgers, or are smoking a pork shoulder low and slow for a few hours, the Big Green is the perfect outdoor oven to use. Want to try some of this melt in your mouth deliciousness? Come and try some for yourself!


So if you enjoy great food and good company, then come along to our showroom and celebrate the best things that summer has to offer! Whether the sun shines or not, you are guaranteed a warm welcome, and we look forward to seeing you!

Event Details

Date: Saturday 10th June

Time: 10am - 3pm

Find Us: Come along to our showroom at 8 Harbour Road, Inverness, IV1 1SY