Bonk & Co’s Favourite Stove Accessories

At Bonk & Co. we are always looking for the best accessories that help you get the most out of your stove. Every member of our team has their favourite, so we've compiled our top stove accessories to make your stove experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable… 

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Eco Fan

When it comes to heating large rooms efficiently, our range of EcoFans are unbeatable! Powered by the heat from your stove, an EcoFan requires no batteries. Simply place it on top of the stove and you're ready to go! The fan starts automatically once it reaches a certain temperature, and self adjusts its blade speed with the stove temperature. 

Designed by Canadian company Caframo, this award-winning design has undergone rigorous testing by the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and has been proven to heat up areas 38% quicker, whilst also reducing fuel usage by up 18%. So not only are you getting more heat from your stove, you are burning less wood in the process - a win win situation! 

We have a wide range of EcoFans in various sizes and designs, so take a look!

Kindling Cracker

If you want a safe and easy way to cut kindling, then look no further! Originally designed by a schoolgirl in New Zealand whose mother had lost a finger whilst cutting logs, this amazing product has revolutionised splitting logs, and made it so much safer. 

Using a simple design that is easy to use, we wish we'd come up with this idea ourselves! Simply position your log on the blade and hammer away, for perfectly split logs every time. Quick and simple to use, some of our customers even claim that using it is a great stress reliever! 

Available in Original or King size models, the Kindling Cracker is also available as part of a bundle which includes a sledgehammer, 2 boxes of natural firelighters and a cover to keep your Cracker in top notch state. It's the perfect present for anyone who wants to make cutting logs less of a chore! 

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Moisture Meter

Good quality, dry wood is the vital ingredient to your stove. It not only gives off far more heat than wet wood, but is also the key to keeping your stove and flue in good condition and avoiding tarry build ups in the flue and on the glass. 

As such, making sure your wood is dry is very important. Wood should only be burnt if it has been dried for 2 years, or if it has a moisture content of 14% or less. Read more about the importance of good wood here

This handy device, from tried and trusted stove manufacturer Morso, helps you make sure your wood is dry enough for burning. With an easy-to-read display, simply insert the prongs into your logs to read the moisture content, and find out whether it is ready for burning or requires seasoning for a bit longer. 

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Companion Set

Every good stove set up deserves a good quality companion set. Keeping things nice and tidy is made so much easier with a trusty set standing sentry at your fireside. Whilst styles and sizes can vary dramatically, the traditional combination of brush, ashpan, poker, and sometimes tongs, is a classic that has been tried and trusted throughout the years. 

Alternatively, we also have single tools, including a wide range of brushes and pans, tongs, pokers, buckets and scuttles, all for keeping your fireside spick and span. We know how ash can get in all those nooks and crannies, so a good firm brush is an essential!

We'd struggle to choose our favourite from our extensive range, but we’re sure to have the set that is perfect for you. From classic to contemporary designs, we've got the lot. 

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Dry Wiper

Is your stove glass not as clear as you would like? Then we've got the perfect product for you! The atmospheric wiper is designed to lift off soot and grime from your stove glass, without any water or chemicals! 

Ready for use straight out of the box, the Dry Wiper is the simplest and easiest way to remove soot from stove glass. Simply wipe across the glass of your stove for instant results! You'll soon be watching a dancing fire through a crisp, clear glass once you get a dry wiper into your life. For more tips and tricks on how to clean your stove glass, read our dedicated blog post. 

You can pick up some atmospheric wipers here.


With the Bonk branded thermometer you can now measure how your stove is running! With a handy magnetic base that safely secures to either your stove top or flue, the Bonk thermometer gives you clear target zones so that you can make sure your stove is running optimally. The Target Zones indicated on the thermometer represent safe operating temperatures where complete combustion and efficiency are achieved.

With zones for Too Cold, Target Zone, and Too Hot, measuring the temperature of your stove has never been easier. And with its funky Bonk B design, you can bring a bit of Bonk into your home! 

Join the club, get your Bonk & Co thermometer here!


Keeping your fingers free from burns when refuelling your stove is a priority! A good quality pair of gloves are essential for using your stove safely, and give protection when refuelling or stoking your stove. With long arms to give you maximum protection, our range of suede stove gloves make refuelling your stove easy and safe.

Our stove gloves are also perfect for use on outdoor stoves, firepits, and BBQs. So when things get to hot to handle, make sure you've a got a pair off stove gloves! 

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