Everything Under The Sun - Top Products For Summer '23

Summer's well and truly here! It's the season of sunshine, and we love it- warm, sunny days full of new adventures; long, light evening's in the garden. For us, one of the highlights of summer is the chance to invite some friends 'round and do some outdoor cooking and enjoy the warmth of an outdoor stove together. Fire and food- there's nothing quite like it for bringing people together. And with portability of the Minimax Big Green Egg and the Gozney Roccbox, we're looking forward to packing up the Land Rover, heading out on the road, and cooking up some delicious food on our next adventure! 

So read on for our top picks - we have everything you need to make summer '23 your best summer yet! From fantastic outdoor cooking, cosy outdoor heating, and the best adventure accessories around, we have everything under the sun! 

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Want to extend those long summer evening's even further? With an RB73 outdoor stove you can do just that. With beautiful views of the fire on up to four sides of the stove, everyone is guaranteed a great view of the flames. They're a a great addition to any patio, and if you want to position the stove closer to a wall, simply opt for a model with a heat shield.

Fully enclosed, with an RB73 you don't need to worry about naked flames, hot ash and embers, so they are much safer for the environment during these very dry and hot spells. With their own chimneys, you can also enjoy the flames and warmth of a real fire, without the worry of smoke blowing into your face and spoiling your evening.

Made from CorTen Steel, these beautiful stoves are designed to rust naturally, without losing their integrity. This allows them to stay outside all year long, looking better with every passing day as they age.

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Big Green Egg

It goes without saying that any summer would be incomplete without some outdoor cooking on the Big Green Egg! If we're heading out on a road trip this summer, you can be sure that we've got a Minimax in the boot! It's portability means it can be easily carried anywhere by a couple of people, so if you're heading out camping or to the beach, the MiniMax is the perfect companion! Whether you're cooking wings or steak, roasting chicken or preparing some delicious prawns, the MiniMax can do it all! 

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Gozney Roccbox

If your campsite prefers pizza, then be sure to take along a Gozney Roccbox! With its dual fuel cooking capabilities, you'll soon be firing out delicious pizzas in minutes. Freshly made pizza is hard to beat, and we're willing to bet that your Roccbox will be the centre of attention at any beach party, campsite, or barbeque!

If you want to impress your friends with your pizza skills, then be sure to check out our range of Gozney pizza ovens and accessories!

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Firepits UK

There's nothing quite like relaxing around a firepit, and watching a real fire, especially in summer! There's just something about it that creates a connection between people, a primal instinct in all of us. 

This summer, we've got a selection of fantastic firepits, from Firepits UK. Handmade in their Monmouthshire foundry, there is a range of different style and size firepits available, so that you can find the perfect one that is suited to all your needs. 

From the Plain Jane Firepit, which offers a swing arm with hot plate, you can easily cook over naked flames.

Not sure what firepit to go for? Read our buyers guide!

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PACMAT Picnic Blankets

Be sure to grab a PACMAT for all your picnics this summer! An absolute summer essential, a great picnic blanket is just what you need for all those summer picnics at the park or beach. Both fun and functional, PACMATs are made from recycled fabric, with a polyester top layer. Waterproof and quick drying, which is perfect in case you get caught in a sudden summer shower!

Available in a range of different designs and sizes, from OS maps of the Isle of Skye, Cairngorms, Loch Lomond and more; to the eye-catching and educational designs of the Alphabet and Days Out designs, PACMATs are fun for all the family.

Wonderfully light and compact, each PACMAT comes with its own little drawstring bag, and is durable and easy to maintain. Comfy and compact, a PACMAT is the perfect companion for your family on all your outings this summer!

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Ohelo Bottles

With the current heatwave we've all been enjoying, it's important to stay hydrated, and you can do just that with an Ohelo bottle! A master at keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, an Ohelo bottle will never let you down, and  are perfectly suited for everyday summer living. 

The great thing about Ohelo bottles is that they are also sustainable, and are helping save the planet. Fighting the war against single use plastics, Ohelo bottles are reusable, recyclable, and are themselves made from recycled steel. With a vision to make reusables the new normal, Ohelo have designed and crafted a range of sustainable bottles and tumblers. With a range of beautiful designs and colours inspired by the natural world, Ohelo bottles are durable, hard-working, versatile, and beautiful. These eco-friendly bottles are the ideal companion to help you stay happy and hydrated, no matter what your summer has in store for!

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As well as offering the best summer products and accessories around, we've also got a lot of exciting events lined up this summer, so be sure to head down to our showroom at 8 Harbour Rd, Inverness. From fantastic cooking demonstrations to Moy Game Fair, summer '23 is going to be good! We look forward to seeing you! 

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