Everhot Cooker Installation


Fiona from Inverness has recently had a Rais Caro Woodburning Stove and an Everhot 120i in Marine Blue installed. She welcomed us in to view her beautiful home to see how much the two new additions from Bonk & Co have changed her home for the better!

Our customer also has 14 solar panels to help offset the running cost of her Everhot, as the unique trickle electrics built within an Everhot cooker keep the electric load to a maximum 3kw, but an average of just 0.6kw, meaning they won’t overtax the capacity of any solar panel installation. The eco settings also ensure that the Everhot doesn't use much power through the night when the solar panels aren’t generating electricity.

Her 14-year-old son also loves cooking and baking, his speciality being the nutritious, calorific flapjacks and brownies from the Everhot Cookbook, which fuel him for his competitive swimming!

She loves making home-made pizza in the Everhot, and it is now definitely more popular than the takeaway alternative! The Italian Raspberry and Lemon Tart, and the White Chocolate Cheesecake, both from the Everhot Cookbook are also big favourites in the household.

Fiona loves her Rais Caro stove, especially with the extra side glasses, which gives a fantastic view of the flames from all angles of the room.

She informed us that she's delighted with the Stovax wood store that sits next to her Rias Woodburning Stove, and loves her Le Creuset Kettle and Netherton Foundry Wok that she purchased from our showroom, perfect for use on her Everhot.