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Case Study | Clearview Vision

Case Study | Clearview Vision


What used to be two cupboards in the Cox’s house was split up, cleaned out and re purposed into a beautifully finished fireplace ready to hold a Clearview Vision 500 multi fuel stove on the 30cm log store.

The Clearview Vision 500 was the first multi-fuel stove approved for burning wood and authorised fuel in UK smoke control areas. Its unmistakable classic Clearview design makes it suitable for almost every situation. It has a large single door that provides an uninterrupted view of the fire, a deep firebox taking 15-inch logs and an integral multi-fuel grate. A single wall flue pipe comes off the top of the stove before transitioning into twin wall flue the rest of the way through the building and out through the roof.

Before and after the installation, the cupboard stripped out, a lintel and natural oak were put in place and then finished to match the decor. Brick dentils were added to complete the chamber. The stove is set on a slate heath.


Clearview Vision 500



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