Pecan Smoking Chips
Pecan Smoking Chips
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Cook up a storm with the mouthwateringly smoky Pecan Smoking Chips. Small in size, the woodchips burn away quickly, allowing them to infuse and smoke your dish with a delicious woodsmoke flavour. Perfect for fish, poultry and even a chocolate dessert! For a smokier flavour, increase the cook time and quantity of woodchips.

How to use:
Before your cook, soak your woodchips in water for approximately 15 minutes. This is to make them last longer. When you're ready to cook, scatter a handful onto the coals, place your food on the relevant cooking surface, and close the lid.

In about 10-15 minutes, the smoky and nutty flavour of the Pecan Woodchips will have infused your cook. The longer you leave it, the smokier your cook will become.

The woodchips are approximately 900g a bag. You'll only need a small handful for each cook, so this should last you ages.

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