The Inverness showroom will be closed for Christmas from 1.30pm on Saturday the 22nd of December.
We will reopen on Thursday the 3rd of January.
Please note: We will close at 12pm on Friday the 21st of December. Business as usual on Saturday.
The Edinburgh Showroom will close at 5pm on Thursday the 20th of December, reopening on the 3rd of January.

What To Burn?

Many of you will want to burn wood and only wood. This will give you a good choice of both traditional and contemporary stoves. If you wish to burn smokeless coal, ‘house hold’ coal and peat, then you will need a multi-fuel stove. The ‘truest’ multi-fuel stoves are built by the quality British manufacturers who understand the ‘culture’ of burning coal, which is somewhat unique to our ‘island’ home.

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