Baby Dan Flex XL



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A very useful item if you have children in the house - our fireplace child guards will keep your child, and any pets, safely away from the heat of the fire. There is a walk-through gate section so that you can stoke up your fire or stove without removing the hearth gate from it's wall fixings.

Harrie Leenders

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  • Accessories: Child Guard
  • Accessories: Fire Guard
  • Brand: Babydan


The Baby Dan Configure System consists of flexible panel units that can be used in many ways. Flex XL is perfect for keeping your child away Hearths or fireplaces, as a normal safety for wide openings or as room divider. The gate is easy to mount and you can extend your gate with further section and position all sections as you wish. The extra wide door section provides easy access, and has a double locking handle for extra safety, which can easily be opened with one hand by an adult. Thanks to the quick release fittings, the gate can easily be dismounted from the wall fittings without the use of any tools.

Standard gate 90 – 278 cm

Box contains
1 x door section (72 cm)
2 x large sections (72 cm)
2 x small sections (33 cm)
Wall fittings

Flex XL can be extended indefinitely with extra sections (33 cm or 72 cm) which are available separately.