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The Traditional Collection represents Helko's elite series of axes. Once the smith is satisfied with their work, the Helko crown logo is hammered into the head. No supplementary work, such as grinding, buffing, or painting is performed, allowing each blade to proudly display its forging marks. No two pieces are exactly alike, making each tool truly unique. The handles are finished by hand with boiled linseed oil.

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  • Brand: Helko Werk
  • Outdoor: Axes


The Black Forest Hatchet is lightweight and beautifully crafted, with a traditional wide-bit German woodworker blade. These hatchets are made in Wuppertal, Germany, near the country’s famous Rhein River Valley. The Rhein was a historically significant source of trade and growth for civilisations in the region throughout the early and later medieval periods. Cutting axes like these were a daily necessity for people carving out towns and villages in heavily forested regions along the Rhein River Valley. The wide blade makes this hatchet exceptionally well suited for cutting work. Comes with our standard top grain American cowhide 6-7oz leather adjustable sheath.


• C45 high grade carbon steel
• Open die drop forged by hand, heat treated, and oil-hardened
• Approximately 53-56HRC (Rockwell)
• Hand ground and sharpened bit / blade
• Stamped with ‘Helko’ crown mark

• Crafted in Switzerland from Grade ‘A’ American hickory
• Individually selected for grain orientation and density
• Hand finished with boiled linseed oil
• Traditionally hung using softwood wedge and round steel ring wedge


• Length – 36cm
• Head Weight – 600g
• Gross weight – 800g


Helko Werk Pack Axe