Jana Log Holder

Ferrari - Opus Focus


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Handmade in Italy the bags, these bags firewood leather bags allow you store your indoor firewood for burning stylishly and without mess. According to the philosopher Heraclius of Ephesus, fire is the beginning and end of all things. The flame transforms matter into heat, forges metal, and becomes earth and steam in a never-ending cycle. The Latin word focus means the hearth and, by extension, the home itself.

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  • Accessories: Log Baskets
  • Accessories: Log Holder
  • Brand: Ferrari - Opus Focus


The Jana, pictured here in White, from Ferrari Opus Focus is a gorgeous rounded firewood bag with velcro fastening to enable comfortable carrying of firewood from your outdoor log store to your fireplace.

  • Depth 35cm x Width 43cm x Height 46 cm.


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