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Leenders Dia



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The 360° rotatable combustion chamber and the radiation heat allows Cylon to spread the heat to whatever direction it is needed.

Harrie Leenders

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  • Brand: Leenders
  • Fuel type: Wood Fuel
  • Model type: Hanging
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Output Range (KW): 3-5kW
  • Output Range (KW): 6-8kW
Energy Efficiency:


The Harrie Leenders Cylon wood stove is a slender and dynamic cylinder-shaped woodburner. It has a large vertical window that opens up a spectacular view of the whole fire. The elegant and modest Cylon wood stove is also suitable for heating smaller areas. In addition, the stove can be turned so that one can always determine where its radiant heat is to be spread in the room. And so ensure an optimal atmosphere.

 Harrie Leenders Cylon