Leenders Lobbe Compact



What we think

Leenders have made the Lobbe even more compact. Shortened the foot a tad, pared a little off the side tiles and hung it on the wall. Voilà, the Lobbe Compact.

Harrie Leenders

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  • Brand: Leenders
  • Fuel type: Wood Fuel
  • Model type: Hanging
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Output Range (KW): 3-5kW
  • Output Range (KW): 6-8kW
  • DEFRA: Approved
Energy Efficiency:


The Lobbe is a stove, but we think that the Lobbe Compact is a real hearth. Just a little lighter and definitely more spatial. Ideal for a more modestly proportioned room, with the corresponding heat requirements. Because the Lobbe Compact burns perfectly with very little timber. A half kilogramme per hour to be exact. Leenders have made the side tiles from special fire concrete, Prisolith. So that the Lobbe Compact radiates delicious soft warmth. This is the same technology that they have used for many years for the Mats and Boxer Plus. Once it has reached operating temperature, the Lobbe Compact is still 40°C six hours later.