Lind DNA Container

Lind DNA


What we think

The Lind DNA container is versatile peace of furniture which can be used to as storage for logs, blankets or magazines or even turned onto its side as an occasional table. Made from aluminium with the soft recycled leather outer the interior is lacquered.

  • Brand: Lind DNA


The combination of recycled leather on the outside and anthracite or bronze aluminium on the inside defines a whole series of exclusive designs from the Lind family. This design icon is not only useful as a log carrier or magazine holder, but a carrier for almost anything. This is how the design got its name Container. The Container design from Lind DNA is the winner of the international HOMI Maker Design Award 2014 in Milan, thanks to its minimalistic expression, the use of natural materials and its many different possibilities.


Size: 32x38x31cm

The distinctive combination of hard aluminium and soft recycled leather gives Container a unique and completely novel expression. Danish oak finishes the minimalistic design with a simple but exclusive grip.