Bellfires Smart Bell



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The Smart Bell range has a size and shape to suit all requirements, with 13 variations available.  Particularly suitable for renovations, the fire requires very little depth, only 35 cm and can be fitted with a convecting fan kit. Supplied as standard with the all new Magnifire burner, built in steps creating a 3D fire image. This burner is standard delivered with ambience lighting.

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Enquire about this product

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  • Brand: Bellfires
  • Fuel type: Gas
  • Style: Traditional
  • Model type: Insert


Minimum installation depth. With a mounting depth of only 35 cm all fireplaces from the Smart Bell series can be built into the shallowest situations, giving you a compact fireplace with a stunning fire image. This mounting depth applies to all devices from this series, whether you choose a big or small model. All appliances from the Smart Bell line can be fitted with a convection fan. This fan ensures extra rapid spread of heat in your home. The high models of the Smart Bell (75/70, 75/80, 80/70, 80/80, 90/70, 90/80) feature the Premium Fire. The Premium Fire offers a life-like fire view, created by burning wood logs and a glowing coal bed. The lower models of the Smart Bell (45/60, 55/60, 65/60, 75/55, 80/60) feature the MagniFire. The MagniFire has a stepped structure. This enables it to create a 3D fire view, even in a “lower” appliance. Both burners have atmospheric lights and are adjustable, which makes them also perfect for use on slightly warmer days. To also make the Smart Bell suitable as built-in appliance, it was decided to make it accessible via the front of the appliance. This has the added advantage that no control hatch needs to be fitted. Classic frame – Built-in frame – Insert frame In short, the Smart Bell offers an optimum flame picture with minimal depth. This makes the Smart Bell very versatile. The Smart Bell is a balanced flue gas fire that can not only be installed as a built-in gas fire, but as an insert gas fire as well. This offers enormous possibilities.