Witloft Leather Apron



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Beautiful unisex black leather apron, finished with cognac coloured details. As well the neck belt as the waist belt are adjustable to the right size. The apron is equipped with a towel loop. Besides the neck strap has a canvas cover for more comfort and for preventing abrasion in the neck.

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  • Brand: Witloft
  • Accessories: Apparel


Witloft is an artisan Dutch leather brand, founded in 2014 and established from a love for cooking, BBQ and furniture making. Whether you’re a workaholic, you like to serve a seven-course dinner at home, you’re the BBQ King or Queen amongst your friends, you brew your own beer or you refurbish furniture; Witloft products are multi-usable and ideal for professional use or for anyone who just has a passion for handcrafted and artisanal style products.

The authentic Witloft articles are made of high quality vegetable tanned saddle leather. The leather used is of Dutch origin and the aprons are made by hand, which means each article is unique. Because leather is a living product that breathes, the aprons get more beautiful over time with wear. As a result, Witloft aprons are not only functional, but they are also true eye-catchers.

• Handmade product
• Apron weights just 700 gr
• Protective coating against stains
• Easy to clean with damp cloth
• 100% vegetable tanned saddle leather