Apple Smoking Chips
Apple Smoking Chips

Apple Smoking Chips

Apple Smoking Chips

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Throw some Apple Smoking Chips on your charcoal to add a delicious woodsmoke flavour to your chosen dish. Small in size, the woodchips burn away quickly, allowing them to lightly infuse and smoke your cook without overpowering it. Perfect for fish, poultry, vegetables and even cheese! For a smokier flavour, increase the cook time and quantity of woodchips.

How to use:
Before your cook, soak your woodchips in water for approximately 15 minutes. This is to make them last longer. When you're ready to cook, scatter a handful onto the coals, place your food on the relevant cooking surface, and close the lid.

In about 10-15 minutes, the sweet and mild smoky flavour of the Apple Woodchips will have infused your cook. The longer you leave it, the smokier your cook will become.

The woodchips are approximately 900g a bag. You'll only need a small handful for each cook, so this should last you ages.

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