Box 20 40

Box 20 40

Box 20 40

Barbas BOX 20 40 Stove is a real eye catcher.

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Customise your Barbas BOX 20 40 the way you want it. Choose from different formats to truly personalise your Barbas and create the perfect stove for your home.

Tray requirements can be realized in consultation. In addition to the many combination options, the Barbas BOX 20 40 is always ordered with its own chimney in the exact same colour as BOX itself. The chimney is up to 1.95 metres long and contains no interruptions. This BOX 20 40 makes even more of a statement in your home.

Designed with flair, Barbas BOX stoves have sleek lines that determine the shape in one flowing movement. Designed from robust 8 mm thick steel, the BOX 20 40 has a distinctive combustion allowing you to get through an entire evening with a few logs. 

Barbas Box has a concrete ceramic interior. The concrete ceramics ensures the combustion properties, high yielding with the low emissions. The inner lining ensures great heat to the combustion chamber. 

Fuel type: Wood Fuel
Model type: Freestanding
Fire View: Frontal Fireplace
Output Rating (KW): 5kW
Style: Contemporary

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