Quaruba XL Mobile

Quaruba XL Mobile

Quaruba XL Mobile

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Enjoy beautifully warm moments outside with the Quaruba XL Mobile.

The Quaruba model is available in 3 different sizes: Large, XL and XXL. Model XL is the middle of the 3. With a height of 95 cm, it has beautiful high windows that give you a fantastic view of the fire.

The Quaruba model is a sturdy, robust wood burning stove with an industrial appearance for outdoor use. Made from CorTen Steel, the Quaruba model has been built to last and can be left outside all year round. Exposure to the elements will transform its appearance over time into a magnificent rusty colour. Each stove is unique in appearance due to the rusting process being different for each fireplace.

This cube-shaped terrace stove has a unique modular construction and is assembled with 1 (door) to 4 glass panels. The door handle can be found between the door panel and the right leg. Both stylish and functional, it will not only keep you nice and cosy but also offers a stunning outdoor focal point.

The mobile model with 4-wheel flooring is easy to move, allowing you to enjoy the stove in multiple locations. In addition, the base can also be used as handy place to store your logs.

Technical information:
• Quaruba XL
• Quaruba XL mobile (+ wheels)
1 side glass (door)
2 sided glass
3 sided glass
4 sided glass

– Elbow 45 degrees
– Elbow 90 degrees
– Sparks catcher in the rainhood
– CorTen steel floor plate (745 x 745 x 3 mm)
– Bottomplate + 4 wheels

Download the Quaruba Mobile XL dimensions.

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