RAIS Viva L100 Stove (Glass Door)

RAIS Viva L100 Stove (Glass Door)

RAIS Viva L100 Stove (Glass Door)

The RAIS Viva L 100 (Glass Door) Stove is an elegantly stylish wood-burning stove with an impressive Glass Door. 

The RAIS Viva L100 Stove has a large glass pane giving you a fantastic view of the fire. 

Created with your home in mind, The RAIS Viva L100 Stove comes with customisable options, allowing you to adapt your RAIS Viva L100 stove to suit your home living.

Circular in design with streamlined characteristics, RAIA Viva L100 Stove is simple, smooth and beautiful.  A large curved glass window with a good fire chamber offers great heat with exceptional views of the dancing flames in your RAIS Viva L100 Stove.

With a great selection of details to individualise your RAIS stove, both technically and visually. The RAIS Viva L100 Stove comes with the control option of a manual damper or CleverAir, an innovative system which automatically controls the air and ensures fire combustion.

Customisation Options:

  • With or without CleverAir
  • 5 Colours
  • Side glass
  • Rotating base
  • Top plates
  • 6 Handles

Side Glass
Regular price £3,378.00

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