Stûv 6-H 5650

Stûv 6-H 5650
Stûv 6-H 5650
Stûv 6-H 5650
Stûv 6-H 5650
Stûv 6-H 5650

Stûv 6-H 5650

Regular price £2,044.00

Affordable and easy to install, the Stûv 6-H is the perfect wood-burning stove for your energy-efficient homes. 

Featuring a wide aspect window with an angled view into the stove, the 6-H has unparalleled views into the fire, allowing you to enjoy the warm glow of the flames from wherever you are in the room.

The cast iron interior is a design feature in itself. With the lining being cast, it adds an extra level of integrity to the stove and removes the chance of cracking a brick or plate within it. Furthermore, the cast iron interior of the stove heats up with the stove, and stays warm once the fire has died out, continuing to emit heat, and giving you a warmer home for longer.

Rated Output
5.9kW (range 4-9kW)
Net Efficiency
Flue Outlet
130mm (5")
Max Log Length
330 mm (13')
Distance to Combustibles
Side: 150mm, Rear: 75mm
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