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Rais Release Four More Clever Stoves!

Rais Release Four More Clever Stoves!

Rais Release Four More Clever Stoves!

Danish stove maker Rais has released updated versions of their popular Viva 98 and Viva 120 wood burning stoves. They have introduced the Viva L 100 and Viva L 120 models, available in both the classic or contemporary styles. We cant wait to see them in person!

Rais L100 Contemporary Against Brick Wall
Rais L 100 Contemporary + Classic Stainless Steel Handle

The circular Viva L 100 and L 120 are true proponents of the elegant and minimalist: they are simple, smooth and beautiful. A pane of massive proportions and a large combustion chamber bring even more pleasure from the fire – and are also super easy to install. The new, redesigned damper handle is given a discrete placement at a convenient height, and a coating in rubber makes it pleasant to hold. 

The version without the air damper handle radiates sublime simplicity – air regulation here is entrusted to CleverAir to ensure optimal heating.

Rais Viva L 100 Classic in White + White Corian Handle Rais Viva L 120 Contemporary in Black + Black Oak Handle Rais Viva L 120 Classic Rais Viva L 120 Classic in Pewter + Stainless Steel Handle

What is Clever Air?

A technical feature that ensures the fire always gets an optimal fresh air supply. Then you can simply direct your attention elsewhere. Furthermore, the stove combustion is clean and effective at all times. First, this is to the benefit of the environment.
Second, your finances improve because you get as much heat as possible out of the firewood. Furthermore, correct combustion keeps the glass clean so you can always enjoy a nice view of the flame.
Behind the CleverAir name is a story about technical subtleties. In short, a bimetal expands  and contracts according to the temperature of the stove and adjusts the air flow as a result. Clever stuff!

Options to suit all styles.

A host of options to choose among: colours, side glass, top plates, heat storage, swivel base, handle, these are all elements where there are plenty of different choices to fit your own interior decoration. The range of changeable handles are; leather, black rubber, stainless steel, white corian, black oak and classic stainless steel.



Rais Oak Handleclassic_stainless_steel


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