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What’s Better Than One Fältovn?

What’s Better Than One Fältovn?

It’s been an amazing Bank Holiday Weekend, sunshine and blue skies. We packed up the Land Rover with 2 Harrie Leenders Fältovn Camping Stoves and headed out to a remote spot for the evening, pitched the canopy and sat back to enjoy a night under the stars.

2 Harrie Leenders Faltovn Camp Stoves In Front Of Land Rover

Our two Fältovn camping stoves pitched under the tarp, next to the trusty landy. Having two stoves made cooking for four of us far easier, one pot of water always on the go and the other for the cast iron pot of stew!

Harrie Leenders Fältovn Cooking Sausages

In the morning it was sausage rolls and tea before packing up and setting off again. We were excited to get back out camping and using fire in it’s raw element!


Harrie Leenders Fältovn Camping Stove

If you’re ever going to end up around a campfire with someone, it should be with Lars Fält. This man embodies the outdoors and has been working all his life to get people closer to nature. He has been our inspiration in building the Fältovn. Lars Fält has been training Swedish forces for years in survival techniques and has founded several survival schools.
– Bart Leenders

Harrie Leenders Fältovn Front View


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