Witloft Handmade Leather Aprons

Witloft Handmade Leather Aprons



As we return to the basics of handcrafted workmanship, WITLOFT brings you handmade leather aprons. Whether you are king of the grill or chef of the house; a barista in the making or just like to get your hands a little dirty; WITLOFT aprons are multi-usable and are for anyone who professionally or at home has a passion for handcrafted and artisanal style.


The authentic WITLOFT aprons are made of high quality vegetable tanned saddle leather. The leather used is of Dutch origin and the aprons are made by hand giving each apron a unique look. As the leather lives and breathes, the aprons get more beautiful with time and wear. We love them and we can’t wait to get them ready for sale!



“Two years ago, I started WITLOFT in our little garden shed in Amsterdam. It’s a very cliché story, but I came up with WITLOFT because I needed an apron and thought that the already existing aprons could be so much better. At that time I followed a workshop about making furniture and wore an apron to protect my clothes and me. As soon as I put on the apron I got into this work mode. I felt motivation and passion and thought, this apron can be so much better, more beautiful and more functional. As in that moment I started designing, fine-tuning and producing the WITLOFT brand. I made the first WITLOFT apron out of a rough piece of leather, which was great for personal use. Besides aprons, the collection also consists out of a variety of leather accessories.”

– Frank

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