Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’re super excited! Whether you’re cracking out the Big Green Egg to whip up something tasty for the big day, or just kicking back with a couple of steins of beers with the old man, we’ve got you covered.

With a wide range of outdoor products, accessories and gifts to make the day extra special, here are our absolute favourite gift ideas for Dad’s everywhere….

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Big Green Egg

The big daddy of BBQs, outdoor cooking doesn’t get much better than this! Roast, grill, bake, and so much more, the possibilities of what and how you cook on an Egg are endless. With a range of sizes available, there's an Egg for every occasion. For a great day out with Dad, the MiniMax is the perfect portable oven, and means that you can cook delicious food- wherever you are! Or, if Dad's cooking a feast for the whole family, opt for the Large Big Green Egg, a fantastically versatile outdoor cooker with countless configurations and an expansive cooking area. The Large Big Green Egg is perfect for cooking for families and gatherings, and will soon be a staple of your get-togethers!

So, whether you’re gifting Dad a Big Green Egg, or cooking him a knockout meal on one, you can’t go wrong with Big Green Egg!

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Already got an Egg? Be sure to check out our range of EGGcessories and cookery books.

Gozney Pizza Ovens

Perhaps your Dad is more of a Pizza Papa (and we’re not talking about that guy called John…). If so, then he’ll love a Gozney pizza oven!

Choose from the Roccbox- the first fully portable wood and gas fired pizza oven developed; or the Dome – the Prince of Pizza Ovens. With dual fuel cooking capabilities, you can enjoy authentic pizzeria pizza from the comfort of your own garden! And not only can you cook pizza, but you can also roast, smoke, steam and bake. Super fast or low and slow, with Gozney you are guaranteed a wood-fired adventure, every time. 

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Witloft Apron

Whether Dad is king of the kitchen, a craftsman, or just likes to get his hands dirty, this is the perfect gift for lovers of artisanal style. Handmade from high quality Dutch leather, these aprons are designed and made to stand up to any job. Each piece is unique- and it just keeps on getting more so with each wear.

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Gentlemen’s Hardware

Making memories with Dad, there’s nothing like it. For your next adventure together, be that a road trip, or time spent round the campfire, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift in our Gentlemen’s Hardware range.

Our personal favourite is the Fire Starter- Safe, reliable, and easy to use, it’s ideal for camping, when out on an adventure, or for lighting your stove. This is a fantastic gift that won’t let you down.

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Norse Shaving Gear

Father’s Day is all about classics, and here’s one that every well-groomed gent should own. Handmade, with synthetic bristles and a handy stand, the Norse Shaving Brush and Stand is the secret weapon for a really great shave.

For the ultimate shaving experience, use with Norse’s Acacia Wood Shaving Bowl with Bergamot Shaving Soap, and finish off with some Norse Aftershave Balm.

Alternatively, for the bearded beauty in your life, why not treat them to Norse’s Beard Bundle?

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Games Galore

It’s a well-known fact that Dads are superheroes. It just is. Put your superpowers to the test with this Marvel trivia, with questions about all your favourite Marvel superheroes and supervillains!

“I, am your father….” Perhaps you’d prefer to test your Jedi powers? Test whether the Force is strong with you! With questions challenging enough for even the most dedicated Star Wars fans, this Star Wars trivia quiz is perfect for Star Wars enthusiasts. 

For the perfect Father's Day night in, our Dad Trivia is the ideal gift! It seems that every Dad loves to have a few useless facts tucked up his sleeve. Test your Dad with this fun and factual game, and see how many he knows!

Perfect for parties, family nights in, these fun sets come in compact boxes which are also great for travel.

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Last Minute Father's Day Cards

Left it a bit late and need a card? We've got a selection of fun Father's Day cards that will make him laugh. From fabulously quirky Bewilderbeest cards, to the classic designs of Archivist cards, these are perfect for sending to your Dad, Grandad or Godfather. There's no better way to send your love and tell them how much you appreciate them!

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Father's Day Essentials

We love taking the time to show our appreciation for our Dads. It's a great opportunity to show them how much they mean to us, have a laugh, and enjoy the summer together. This Saturday, 10th June, we are delighted to be holding a Celebration of Summer, where we will be showcasing the best in outdoor cooking, heating, furniture and more! With live cooking and tasting sessions, and a wide variety of fantastic products, you won't want to miss it! With only a week till Father's Day, we will also be running special Father's Day promotions, with fantastic Gozney bundles and discounts on a number of products- only available in our showroom! Find out more about our Celebration of Summer here.
So, if you're looking for the perfect present this Father's Day, be sure to come along to our showroom- we can't wait to see you!

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