Fireview ECO 5 Stove
Fireview ECO 5 Stove
Fireview ECO 5 Stove
Fireview ECO 5 Stove

A warm edition to any home, the 5kW Fireview ECO 5 Stove is a modern, stylish and highly efficient stove.

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Offering an advanced air wash and tertiary air system within the combustion chamber, the Woodwarm Fireview ECO 5 Stove has surpassed Ecodesign ready standards for ultra-low emissions.

Multifueled the Woodwarm Fireview ECO5 Stove can also be used for Woodburning only. Due to the riddling grates ability to create a true flat-bed which encourages a bed of ash to accumulate. A clean burn air wash system keeps your glass clean, this allows you to view your fire all day long.

Woodwarm Fireview ECO 5 Stove features:
• Ultra-low emissions. Exceeding the Ecodesign Ready 2022 standard.
• Has achieved clearSkies level 5 certification.
• Exceptionally easy to light and control.
• Advanced clean burn air wash system that keeps the glass clear.
• Handcrafted in Devon using only the finest quality steel.
• Full riddling grate and ashpan.
• Max log length 400mm.
• Multifuel stove. Can also be used for woodburning only, due to its true flat grate.
• Compatible with rear flue adapter.
• Suitable for a 12mm superimposed hearth.
• Wood efficiency 82.5%. Solid fuel efficiency 80.6%.
• Passive air capability.
• Dimensions: H 570mm/740mm (with Log Store) x W 545mm x D 345mm
• Output Rating : 5kW


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