The Hwam 2620 is beautifully designed with straight lines and great rounded features. 

The Hwam 2620 is designed in Denmark. Hwam offer a collection of great wood burning stoves.

Designed to Hwam's exacting standards and developed to deliver an intelligent, high-quality flame. The Hwam 2620 is elegant in form and texture.

"Airwash" system keeps the glass clean, offering beautiful views of the dancing flames through the large curved glass pane in the cast-iron door.

Stove Options:
HWAM 2620 is available on a pedestal, plinth or wall mounted
HWAM 2620c (classic door) - Available in grey or black steel
HWAM 2620m (modern door) - Available in white, grey or black steel

HWAM® SmartControl™ is available as a factory fitted option in this model.

Energy label                                                  A
HWAM® Autopilot™                                    Yes
Efficiency (%)                                                80,0
Nominal heat output (kW)                           4,7
Smokeoutlet (Ø)                                          150,0

Regular price £2,245.00

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