120+ Cooker

Beautifully proportioned and engineered this Everhot 120 + cooker will wonderfully compliment either a modern or traditional home. There are two alternatives to choose from: either the Everhot 120i Cooker or the Everhot 120+ Cooker

The versatile Everhot 120+ Cooker and oven provides you with four amazingly flexible ovens and four independently controlled cast iron hot plates. The large top two ovens each have an integral grill and are perfect for family cooking while the bottom two ovens can be used for baking; casseroling, long slow cooking, plate warming, the choice of temperatures is yours!

The two control boxes are external and can be situated either on the worktops or in an adjacent cupboard or drawer. This is the ideal choice of Everhot range cooker for your modern kitchen if you need extra heat in the kitchen along with increased cooking capacity.

No wonder Everhot describe their 120 cooking range as ‘A Genuine Thoroughbred!’ A best range cooker for your kitchen.

Regular price £13,220.00

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