Medium Christmas Tree

Medium Christmas Tree

Medium Christmas Tree

Medium Christmas Tree from Darach, Dimensions - 50cm Diameter x 100cm

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Based in Inverness in the heart of the Highlands. True artisans of their craft, Darach take loving pride in crafting quality luxury furniture and gifts from vintage oak whisky barrels. All of their pieces are lovingly handmade, blending tradition with functionality to create bespoke pieces that are practical with a unique rustic finish and built to last.
Sourced from Highland and Speyside distilleries, each oak whisky barrel is re-worked and transformed by maintaining and respecting the history of the wood. Revealing the scars, and other rustic features of the original barrel means that no two Darach pieces are the same, making each and every product lovingly unique.

Please note that whilst we hold items in stock, many are made to order, taking approximately 6-8 weeks to make.

Approx Hight 60cm Width 30cm

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