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The Everhot 100 Series is a beautiful family range cooker of balanced proportions and features four cast iron doors on the front. Behind the first door on the top left is the roasting oven with built in grill and beyond the second door on the bottom left is the baking/long slow cooking oven. Behind the third is the control panel and an extremely useful plate warming/storage oven can be found behind the fourth door.

Below the stylish stainless steel lid on the left are the cast iron hot and simmer plates.  The second cast iron simmer plate is below the right hand stainless steel lid, which provides extra cooking ability when there are surplus people to feed. Not only that but in the winter months it provides extra warmth into the kitchen, but when neither are needed it can easily be turned off until required.

The control panel is behind the bottom right hand door and the warming/storage oven is behind the top right hand door on this model.

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