Welcome to the Hwam 2630, part of the Hwam stove series, created by Danish designers 

The Hwam 2630 is a ground-breaking wood burning stoves that caters to both form and function.

Featured within the Hwam stove series and designed to exacting standards the Hwam 2630 has been developed to deliver a high-quality stove that is elegant in appearance and a joy to use.

With a "Airwash" system that keeps the glass clean, dancing flames can be enjoyed through the large curved glass pane in the cast-iron door.

Stove Options:
HWAM 2630c (classic door) - Available in grey or black steel
HWAM 2630m (modern door) - Available in white, grey or black steel

HWAM® SmartControl™ is available as a factory fitted option in this model.


Energy label                                                A
HWAM® Autopilot™                                   Yes
Efficiency (%)                                            80,0
Nominal heat output (kW)                        4,7
Smokeoutlet (Ø)                                        150,0
Chimney draught, recommended (Pa)    12

Regular price £2,645.00

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